intel x25vIntel’s 40GB X25V SSD is ready for delivery. Even if the storage capacity is not much to write home about the performance is there and the pricing is very attractive.

With the X25-V, Intel provides an affordable alternative for those who mainly want to use it as a boot drive, with a list price of $137 (currently down to $119). Strictly speaking, this one has been in the market for a while, but not until now is it officially launched by Intel.

The most noticeable advantage with an SSD, as you probably know, is the search time performance, which in real-life use means a quick boot-up of your operating system and other apps. 40 GB is not much but more than enough to install both Windows 7 and the Office suite.

According to Intel, one can expect an average performance increase of four times that of a traditional hard drive with this one. The quoted read/write performance is 170MB/s and 35MB/s respectively.


Interface: S-ATA
Size: 2.5 inch SSD
Read Speed: 170 MB / s
Write Speed: 35 MB / s
Type: Internal

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