Intel 520 Series 120GB $189.99

Intel’s latest and greatest has arrived – with SandForce performance coupled with Intel reliability. With this deal you can take $40 off the list price and get an OEM version of the 120GB capacity for just $189.99!

intel-520 intel-520

Crucial m4 128GB $162.14

This is the best deal we’ve seen yet on the 128GB Crucial m4 including free shipping from The Crucial m4 is also know by the name Micron RealSSD C400–it’s the same product, but the Crucial brand is targeting consumers while the C400 is an OEM model, which is a bit odd considering that the C300 was sold under this […]

Crucial m4 Crucial m4

Corsair Force Series 40GB $89.99 – Save $30

As the name implies, the Corsair Force series is powered by a SandForce SSD controller, which is the current market leader. One of the advantages with SandForce is that drives built around this controller don’t suffer much at all performance-wise when you go down to smaller capacities, which is a problem with drives utilizing other controllers with dedicated DRAM (SandForce […]

Corsair Force F40 40GB Corsair Force F40 40GB

Kingston SSDNow 96GB Bundle $125.98 – Save $124!

This neat little upgrade bundle from Kingston with a blazing fast 96GB SSDNow V+ is currently going for $175 on (list price: $249) PLUS a mail-in rebate worth an additional $50 leaving the final price tag at just $125.98 including Free shipping! The package includes, besides the solid-state drive, an installation guide, system cloning software, an external drive enclosure, […]

Kingston bundle Kingston bundle

Corsair Force F80A (80GB) $176 – Save $43

The Corsair F80A is one of the latest SSDs from Corsair – the ‘A’ at the end signifies that it uses the latest 25nm NAND flash memory modules. Performance compared to the other drives in the Force series is however unchanged and very high. It’s based on the SandForce SF-1200 controller (SSD processor) that pushes the limits of what the […]

Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB $455 – Save $59

Crucial’s RealSSD C300 series was early on the scene with SATA 3 6GBps support that kicked every other solid-state drive down a notch. The 256GB version is the ultimate combination of value for money and scorching-fast speeds of up to 355MB/s (sequential reads). With the new updated m4 drive in the pipeline, the C300 series is now going for less, […]

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Intel 510 Series 250GB Deal: $608 – Save $74

At long last, Inte’s next-generation SSDs are finally available. The 510 series delivers an astonishing 500MB/s sustained sequential reads over the SATA 3 6GBps interface. It is no less impressive in sequential writes – 315MB/s. It’s important to note that Intel does not use the new 25nm NAND flash memory modules, but sticks with the tried and tested 34nm chips […]

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Kingston SSDNow V 30GB $69 – Save $54

The 30GB Kingston SSDNow V-series SSD doesn’t offur much in the way of storage space, but it’s more than enough for your operating system and a few apps and games that you use frequently. This makes it a highly affordable boot drive – install Windows, Linux or OS X on it and store your videos, backups and other space-consuming content […]

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OCZ Agility 3 120GB $159.99

The Agility 3 is a lightning-fast SSD based on the SandForce SF2281 controller, but unlike its “big brother” in OCZ’s lineup, the Vertex 3, the Agility uses asynchronous NAND Flash modules that cost less and is a bit slower in the IOPS department, but it makes up for it with a much more attractive price tag. With this deal it […]

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Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB $239 – Save $52

Best price yet on the 128GB ultrafast SATA 6Gbps C300 drive from Crucial! The C300 reaches breakneck speeds when employing the latest SATA interface – read speeds up to 355MB/s! This drive will also run just fine over SATA 2 (see specs below,) but it actually breaks the speed barrier of the SATA 2 interface, so ti utilize its full […]

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